International E-Learning Awards - Past Winners

Take a look at the list of past IELA Award winners:

2021 Winners, Business and Industry Division
The International E-Learning Awards recognize the best uses of technology to improve learning and job performance within companies or through individual professional development. The 2021 award winners were announced at our awards ceremony at The Learning Ideas Conference on June 18, 2021.

The award winners are as follows:

Winner, E-Learning

"Standards of Business Conduct - Season 4"
Microsoft Corporation, United States.
Representative: Bianca Genari

Winner, Mobile Learning

"Audi WBT Markenstrategie"
innovation mecom GmbH for AUDI AG, Germany.
Representative: Melanie Stolle-Kretsch

Winner, Blended Learning

"Create Your Own Future"
Saffron Interactive, United Kingdom.
Representative: Molly Courtice

Runner-Up, E-Learning

Alelo, Inc., United States.
Representative: Lewis Johnson

Runner-Up, Mobile Learning

"Pit im Warenlager (Pit in the Warehouse)"
time4you GmbH, Germany.
Representative: Olga Rodriguez

Honorable Mention, E-Learning

"ETU: Sexual Harassment Prevention
with PG&E"

ETU and Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), Ireland.
Representative: East Apthorp

Honorable Mention, E-Learning

"Mindset Trek"
Innovator Mindset, LLC, United States.
Representative: Dennis Stauffer

Honorable Mention, E-Learning

"Partner Violence, What Every Employee Needs to Know" and "Partner Violence, a Manager’s Guide to Recognition and Response"
Standing Firm, United States.
Representative: Molly Updegrove

Honorable Mention, E-Learning

"The Five Coaching Conversations"
Avion Consulting, United States.
Representative: Morgan Massie

Honorable Mention, Mobile Learning

1st90, United States.
Representative: Richard Hodge

Honorable Mention, Blended Learning

"Performance & Development at Northeastern"
EnVision Performance Solutions and Northeastern University, United States.
Representative: Irene Stern Frielich

Honorable Mention, Blended Learning

"Thinking Six Sigma & Lean: Infineon Blended Green Belt Certification"
Technical University of Munich and Infineon Technologies A.G, Germany.
Representatives:  Stephan Tente, Konstantina Koumpouli, and Holly Ott