International E-Learning Awards - Past Winners

Take a look at the list of past IELA Award winners:

2020 Winners, Business Division
The International E-Learning Awards recognize the best uses of technology to improve learning and job performance within companies or through individual professional development. The 2020 award winners were announced at our Awards Ceremony at the ICELW Conference (now The Learning Ideas Conference)
on June 12, 2020.

The award winners are as follows:

Winner, E-Learning

"Driving the Courtesy Van with Care"
EnVision Performance Solutions
and Sullivan Tire, United States.
Representative: Irene Stern Frielich

Winner, Mobile Learning

"Babbel Language Learning Podcasts"
Babbel, Germany.
Representative: Zachary Sporn

Winner, Blended Learning

"Pool Lifeguard Suite"
Royal Life Saving Society Australia
and Savv-e, Australia.
Representative: Lisa Vincent

Runner-Up, E-Learning

Video Arts, United Kingdom.
Representative: Martin Addison

Runner-Up, Mobile Learning

"Richemont, The Right Choice"
Richemont International SA
and Saffron Interactive, United Kingdom.
Representative: Georgina Morris

Runner-Up, Blended Learning

"Dell Education Services Topic-Based
Learning Example"

Dell Technologies Education Services,
United States.
Representative: Jennifer Russo

Honorable Mention, E-Learning

"Standards of Business Conduct – Season 3"
Microsoft Corporation, United States.
Representative: Bianca Genari

Honorable Mention, E-Learning

"Sexual and Gender Diversity Training"
We Know Training; Workforce Development, Canada.
Representative: Jennifer Delisle

Honorable Mention, E-Learning

"Merck: Investigational Sponsored
Studies eLearning"

Merck KGaA, United States.
Representative: Daniel Keckan

Honorable Mention, E-Learning

"The PRI Academy - Principles for
Responsible Investment"

PRI Academy, United Kingdom.
Representative: Terry Thornton

Honorable Mention, E-Learning

"Protect the Network: Live the Five"
Mindset Digital for Nationwide, United States.
Representative: Laura Landy Carr

Honorable Mention, E-Learning

"Beckton Dickinson’s GPDS Online"
Becton Dickinson (BD), United States.
Representative: Lisa Cratty

Honorable Mention, E-Learning

"Maestro Application Training"
Dell Technologies Education Services,
United States.
Representative: Jennifer Russo

Honorable Mention, E-Learning

"Beckton Dickinson Interactive Case Study"
Becton Dickinson (BD), United States.
Representative: Kathy Sullivan

Honorable Mention, E-Learning

"Kim: a learnbot on AI"
time4you GmbH communication & learning, Germany.
Representative: Dr. Cäcilie Kowald

Honorable Mention, Mobile Learning

"Atma Insights"
Atma Global Knowledge Media, Inc.,
United States.
Representative: Sanjyot Dunung

Honorable Mention, Blended Learning

"Blended Learning programme for AON"
Faculty of Skills, Netherlands.
Representative: Henrieke Graven