International E-Learning Awards - Past Winners

Take a look at the list of past IELA Award winners:

2017 Winners, Business and Industry Division
The International E-Learning Awards recognize the best uses of technology to improve learning and job performance within companies or through individual professional development.

The 2017 award winners were announced at our Awards Ceremony in New York at the ICELW Conference (now The Learning Ideas Conference) on June 16, 2017. The award winners are as follows:

Winner, E-Learning

"Emotional Intelligence (from the Video Arts Leadership Essentials Series)"
Video Arts, United Kingdom.
Representative: Martin Addison

Winner, Mobile Learning

"IBT® Learning Content Management"
time4you GmbH communication & learning, Germany.
Representative: Aura Cioboata

Winner, Blended Learning

"Firecrest's Protocol Overview"
ICON plc (Firecrest division), Ireland.
Representative: Michelle Tierney

Runner-Up, E-Learning

"BloodSafe eLearning Australia"
BloodSafe eLearning Australia, Australia.
Representative: David Peterson

Runner-Up, Mobile Learning

"Henkel OSI Window Installation Training"
Cinecraft Productions, Inc., United States.
Representative: Dan Keckan

Runner-Up, Blended Learning

"Successful Selling at Retail 2.0 (SS@R2.0)"
Canada Post Corporation in partnership w/ GEVC Inc., Canada.
Representative: Kathryn Pitcher

Honorable Mention, E-Learning

"1-on-1 Meetings"
Optimism, New Zealand.
Representative: Sussan Ockwell

Honorable Mention, E-Learning

"3 Steps to Improve Fire Safety"
Civil Service Development Institute, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan (R.O.C.).
Representative: Rita Yih-lirn Su

Honorable Mention, E-Learning

"Becton Dickinson's Marketing and Global Product Development System (GPDS) Commercial Excellence program"
Becton Dickinson, United States.
Representative: Jonathon Levy

Honorable Mention, E-Learning

"Global Affairs Canada FDI Fundamentals"
Global Affairs Canada in partnership w/ GEVC Inc., Canada.
Representative: Jane Powers

Honorable Mention, E-Learning

"How You Impress"
Executive Image Consulting, United States.
Representative: Sylvie di Gusto

Honorable Mention, E-Learning

"Meat Standards Australia - Excellence in eating quality"
Meat Standards Australia / Savv-e, Australia.
Representative: Sarah Strachan

Honorable Mention, E-Learning

"Open Learning Campus"
World Bank Group (FEUP), United States.
Representative: Sheila Jagannathan

Honorable Mention, Mobile Learning

"Counter Intelligence"
Bridgestone Americas & SweetRush, United States.
Representative: Danielle Hart

Honorable Mention, Blended Learning

"Bridgestone Education Network"
Bridgestone Americas & SweetRush, United States.
Representative: Danielle Hart